Medimpex United Website Review & Ratings + Medimpex United Coupons
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Medimpex United Website Review & Ratings + Medimpex United Coupons

Medimpex United : Products & Services

Meditests is an online shop of Medimpex United Inc. They offer a wide variety of efficient and cost-effective tests such as pregnancy, ovulation, drug and other medical tests. All these tests can be done within the comfort and privacy of the customer's home or office. Their mission is to provide the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible. Their large number of products includes Xalex™ Saliva Drug Test, Alcohol Saliva Test Kit, Breath Alcohol Detector Test and many more. These products have been used in a wide variety of different organizations, obtaining excellent results. These areas include; rehabilitation centers, schools hospitals, correctional facilities, staffing agencies and security agencies, just to name a few. The company also has a complete line of forensic test kits that are the latest high-tech technological advanced spray detection kits for drugs and explosives.

Medimpex United : Company Background offers Drug Tests And Alcohol Tests, Health Tests and Testing Meters, LH Ovulation Test Kits and many other products. It is the online shop of Medimpex United Inc. The company was founded in the year 1999 and started their Internet retailing in the year 2000. They provide excellent quality of service to their customers. They have an explosive growth in sales due to their excellent service quality. They have a motto in which they strive to “Maintain a Drug Free Workplace” and "Eliminate the Drug, not the Person.” In 2004 they introduced their Xalex® and QTEST® premium branded line offering a superior line of drug testing products never before available. They have had significant success in many areas such has hospitals, laboratories and healthcare professionals and many businesses small or large. Xalex® has also been widely accepted by parents and schools around the country. The location of the company is not visible on the website.

Medimpex United : Customer Feedback & Reviews

There is a large quantity of customer comment on Meditests products and testing kits. Huge numbers of customers are happy and gave the company a ver high rating. This is because of the high availability of devices are provided in the website. The customers have found the products and test kits offered by Meditests are cheap but are high quality.There is also a testimonial page where customers state their views on how they feel about doing business with the company. As a small nonprofit, Meditest has provided exceptional service overall. The ability to speak with professionals about products and the knowledge they pass on is vital to providing great service to those we serve. Thank You Meditests!”

Medimpex United : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Meditests is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and thus has no rating. But they have good customer feedback about their medical products and test kits available on their website. This rating is largely due to their large number of high quality drug testing, alcohol testing, pregnancy testing products and various other testing devices and wide range of customer acceptance. No major media coverage was found. So, credibility of lies in the quality of their products and the customer feedback.

Medimpex United : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa does not show any submitted reviews for; however, its global rank is 1,996,486 and no regional data was found. A further snapshot of’s popularity is a count of 186 sites linking in to it. Alexa does not show any Speed time for The site has 7.22% search traffic with a solid impact on search queries. The Google Page Rank is 4 out of 10 with over 100,000 estimated monthly visitors.

Medimpex United : Social Media Presence does not maintain a blog for its customers. A blog can help them to express their regular updates about their drug testing, alcohol testing, pregnancy testing products and various other testing devices. A blog also act as a bridge between the website and its valuable customers. The website was found on Google Plus but the website was absent from sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. These social networking links would have helped them to reach their customer more conveniently.

Medimpex United : Website Security & Safety’s security is explained on the site itself. A test product purchase confirms that uses a secure server (SSL) connection when taking customer transaction information.  The site checks out favorably through Google’s diagnostic page; it is not listed as suspicious, nor has any malicious software been found in the last ninety days. has not been an intermediary for malicious software distribution and has not hosted any such software, either. 

Medimpex United : Pricing & Packages

Meditests offers a wide choice of devices from 7 Panel Urine Drug Screening Cup QTEST to PaternID DNA Paternity Test. All their device offers that are available on their website are a part of an attractive products collection. They offer these products for various purposes. Pricing in the top deal offers ranges from $9.25 to $179.00 and appears competitive.  However, no customer reviews have been found regarding the prices as to whether they are cheap or expensive.

Medimpex United : Shipping Rates & Policies ships all their orders in a discreet package. They ship products throughout the United States via USPS and UPS. For United States, orders shipping over $25 are free via USPS. Their shipping methods are divided in three categories like First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail. They ship their international orders via global priority mail. The company currently ship their products and devices around the world.

Medimpex United : Payment Methods Accepted accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express; they also accept payment via PayPal. Debit cards that are accepted where credit cards can also be used.  These debit cards must have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Alternative forms of payment such as EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT and QPass are not accepted at this time. All this transaction processes are safe and secure as they use secure server (SSL) connection while taking payment information.

Medimpex United : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a refund policy. The return of the devices is accepted within 20 days but the merchandise should be in new condition and within original undamaged packaging. The shipping charge is not refundable and a 15% handling charge will be applicable. Due to the nature of Aerosol-based, Oral and Urine products, they are not refundable.All customers carries a satisfaction guarantee and all available information points to the conclusion that stands behind its products and honors all refund policies.

Medimpex United : Product images & screenshots
Medimpex United Coupons
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